Free 12 Point Business Success Assessment

Checks critical success items
Pre-qualifies for funding programs
Scans & reports digital footprint
Provides monthly progress updates

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Success Assessment

Our free 12 point business success assessment will tell you where you stand today in becoming bankable, available funding, local search directories, SEO placement, customer reviews and star ratings, social media engagement, provide you a funding range report, and see if you are on the Success Path.

Where Do You Stand?

See where your business stands for 20 lender compliance items, business reporting tradelines, business credit scores, becoming bankable status, building business credit, and optimizing the owner's fundability.

Available Funding

Searches over 4,000 lenders. Gives you a full funding picture of your business, the programs that are available to you right now, your funding ranges, and how to pre-qualiify & optimize for more funding.

Digital Footprint

See the effectiveness of your digital marketing, if customers find you, how they find you, your reviews & star ratings, local searches, SEO, social media, directory placements, mobile searches, and more.

Business Success Elements

The results of these 12 scans will be reported to you.

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Alert 2
Alert 3
Alert 4
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Alert 8
Alert 9
Alert 10
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Alert 12

What The Assessment Does

Breaking the business success assessment down by its components.

Scans 12 critical success points of your business. Let's you know exactly where you stand and how to optimize each for your maximum benefit.
Shows you where your business stands in the process of becoming bankable and having your business be able to stand on its own for financing.
Without a credit check or inquiry the assessment shows you which funding programs you pre-qualify for now and how to quickly qualify for more.
Scans 43 local directories and reports exactly where your business is on each. Then provides a guide to make sure you are listed on them all.
Provides a scan and report of where your business is listed for SEO and social media and how well you are currently attracting new customers.
Is your business mobile friendly? Can customers find you on all media? What links are helping to drive new business to you right now.

What Path Are You On?

Small business owners are on ONE of three paths.

Bridge Is Out

Bridge Is Out Path

50% of businesses don't make it past 5 years. This can lead to a loss of personal savings, credit, assets, and relationships. We don't want to see you here.

Path To Nowhere

Path To Nowhere

90% of small business owners end up creating a long hour low paying job where they work IN the business not ON it. This is a path you want to get off of.

Path To Success

The Success Path

This path creates a business generating at least $100,000 in owner's discretionary cash flow making the business worth $500,000 or more. Get and stay on this path.